ACOG ‘s CPHMC Pre-Conference Highlights

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) has actively worked in collaboration with the National WIC Association (NWA) on various project activities related to the CDC-funded Community Partnerships for Healthy Mothers and Children Project (CPHMC), which is now in its second year. More recently, ACOG has worked with NWA on the CPHMC Pre-Conference workshop for CPHMC’s Cohort 2 that took place on May 21st in Cincinnati, Ohio as part of NWA’s Annual Education and Networking Conference. At the Pre-Conference workshop, staff members representing the 15 local WIC agencies in Cohort 2, who are being funded through this project to implement community-level public health interventions, were given the opportunity to learn more about the project and get to know NWA/ACOG staff, as well as interact with the other local agencies involved in the project. 

Being involved with the project and the conference allowed for ACOG staff to create a relationship with the incoming Cohort, whose projects just began in February 2016, and provide guidance and insight. Assisting with the facilitation of discussions and leading sessions was a great opportunity to help Cohort 2 agencies expand on their objectives and gain more knowledge regarding the project and the outcomes. 

ACOG program manager, Anna-Maria Roaché looking forward to meeting with CPHMC's second cohort at their Pre-Conference in Cincinnati, OH.

ACOG program manager, Anna-Maria Roaché looking forward to meeting with CPHMC's second cohort at their Pre-Conference in Cincinnati, OH.

One important aspect of the workshop was the involvement of not only members of Cohort 2, but also some members of Cohort 1, whose projects began in January 2015 and wrapped up in March 2016. As the discussions were taking place, it was great to see ideas flowing between peers and also members of Cohort 1. 

Leading the physical activity sessions also incorporated fun into the mix and allowed for the WIC agencies to be active and have fun with NWA and ACOG. There was an incredible amount of enthusiasm from Cohort 2 to learn and take ideas from the conference back home with them. Throughout the conference, people shared that they were eager and ready to get back home and start working! 

The day after the Pre-Conference workshop, on Sunday, May 21st, an award ceremony and poster session showcased the work of CPHMC Cohort 1 agencies and recognized their achievements and successes. Having worked with NWA on Cohort 1 as well, it was such a rewarding experience for the ACOG team to see previous agencies and how far they have come. It was a great honor to present them with their awards and showcase all the amazing work they have done to the incoming group. ACOG is very excited to see what the new round of local WIC agencies has to offer and looks forward to attending more conferences in the future!