Richmond's Partnership with Code for RVA

In Partnership with Code for RVA, The Richmond City Health District, a local WIC Agency involved in Cohort 1 of the CPHMC Project, created an app and website that will serve as a food access resource guide for Richmond City residents who are looking to use their food benefits, like SNAP and WIC, as well as locate local farmers markets and summer feeding sites. Code for RVA is a Code for America volunteer brigade consisting of coders, graphic designers, user experience designers and civic leaders who partner with municipal leaders, non-profits, schools and community members with the goal of using data and technology to better serve their city.

In addition to helping users locate nearby stores that accept food benefits, the app and website will also display each store’s ability to complete a MyPlate. Users will be able to search for stores that complete each distinct section of the MyPlate (fruit, vegetables, grains, protein and dairy). For example, a user may choose to search for a store in their zip code that offers healthy grain and vegetable options, in addition to accepting WIC benefits. Presently, volunteers are surveying over 200 SNAP vendors to determine their MyPlate eligibility. The app and website are scheduled for release this month. For more information, please contact Glencora Gudger at or Quinney Harris at