National WIC Association Visits West Warwick, RI

by: Sarah Lopatka, Westbay Community Action, WIC Project Outreach Manager

This site visit was very valuable because Anna-Maria was able to see our community first hand. Anna-Maria was able to better understand our community needs when we went on a tour throughout West Warwick and was able to see first-hand the vacant mills that were once the backbone of West Warwick. The combination of the mills that have closed and the Station Night Club Fire, these incidents have really left West Warwick in a triadic state with only 1 grocery store in town and minimal business and job opportunities.

We were able to show off our summer meals program that has just started that week. There were a lot of families that attended and seeing as it was the first week we were pleasantly surprised. We also went by the Thundermist Health Center to show Anna-Maria where some of our WIC 101 trainings will be held.  Another stop we made was at the West Warwick Health Equity Zone where our Coalition meets once a month and Anna-Maria was able to meet and have lunch with Victor who plays a huge role in making our ideas come to life. Our CEO Paul was delighted to meet with Anna-Maria. It was the first time anyone from a grant has traveled out to see us and it really was such a treat for Westbay to have her here and hands-on.