Racine Kenosha’s Fruit and Veggie of the Month!

By: Anna-Maria Roaché, Program Manager, ACOG

The Kenosha Health Improvement Project (K-HIP) implemented many innovative ideas regarding healthy food promotion. Racine Kenosha Community Action Agency’s (RKCAA) WIC clinic in Kenosha, Wisconsin facilitated the activities of the Community Partnership for Healthy Mothers and Children project. The initiative aims to reduce the impact of chronic diseases in Kenosha County through policy, systems, and environmental strategies that improve access to healthy foods and strengthen community and clinical linkages.

The Fruit and Veggie of the Month initiative encouraged healthy food choices at grocery stores through enhanced food promotions. Each month, Kenosha WIC families have the opportunity to prepare a healthy recipe in RKCAA’s teaching kitchen. The recipe is featured at several grocery stores the following month through a partnership that developed among WIC dietitians and store managers. Bright signage is displayed in the produce section with recipe cards so shoppers can easily purchase the ingredients to prepare the recipe at home.  

With this in place, families will not only sample the recipes in the teaching kitchen, but they will also have exposure to healthy foods, and see the same recipe at their local grocery stores. Families have been extremely receptive to the program, and are excited to purchase the ingredients and recreate the specific dish in their own home.

The Kenosha Health Improvement Project has succeeded in creating awareness of healthy food choices to many families in their community. Racine Kenosha Community Action Agency will continue this initiative to create a culture of health in their region.